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In the meantime, as a client of ours, here's your chance to get my company to build and design your official website! Details are explained below...

You Need A Website For Branding Yourself, To Generate Leads And Getting Sales Online

I Can Solve Your Problem With A Done-For-You Customized Website - Click Play Below:

Whether you are an affiliate marketer or planning to promote your brand online, you definitely need a GOOD website.
And course – if you are just going to get started online, as a beginner, this a definitely a MUST.
In fact, this is one of the reasons why most who just got started failed – because they don’t even have a presentable website to begin with.
Just think – your website REPRESENTS you and your brand. So, if you just got started, don’t you think that’s even more important than anything else? Your first impression depends on your website!

“The Truth Is, It Doesn’t Matter What You Are Selling, You Need A Strategically-Built Website For Your Online Business”

Especially, if you are going to drive traffic from Facebook, Google and other top advertising networks, you definitely need a website that shows your credibility and you are not an amateur.

An amateur website automatically flags them to be suspicious of your offer. That’s also the reason why many newbies always get their ads disapproved and sometimes, ad accounts getting suspended.

In a nutshell, if you are advertising your offer online, you need a GOOD PRESENTABLE AND PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE.
If you are trying to get a contract, generate leads or buy your products, don't you think your website should look impressive?

So here’s what I’ve decided to do – I’m going to help 15 clients each month to build their website.

Introducing: Your Built And Designed Mastermind Website

Yes – only 15 clients per month simply because there’s a lot of hard work here.
This is not a "review website" or blog, it's YOUR official website.
Here’s how it works – you’ll get the chance to model my existing website,
We’ll setup the following for you...

  • The Main Home Page of Your Website 

    This is your "first impression" page! What they'll see when they visit your website. And at the same time, this is the part where most people fail to impress upon their website visitors and lose the credibility on the spot.

  • The About Us Page

    This is where we’ll showcase your profile. This helps to build your credibility.

  • Your Product Page To Showcase Your Products For Sales

    If you are an affiliate marketer, this will simply be your “product recommendation” page. This is the page where your website visitors can get your offers.

  • Your Free Offer Page For To Capture Leads

    This is the page for you to capture leads with any free offer that you may have.

  • Your Testimonial Page

    If you don’t have one, you can replace this with anything else that you like for your website.

  • Your Simple Blog Page And Blog Posting System

    If you don't have an existing blog to link to your website, we'll setup a simple blog page to feature all of your content.

And the best part is, we’ll plan the entire navigation of your website and link them well for you - taking away all of the technical stuff, giving you peace of mind.

All you need to do is to provide us your material (we have a standard checklist to walk you through).

FINALLY, you can now compete with the pros without spending a fortune!


We Are Not A Website Design Agency – We Are A Marketing Company That Solve Your “First Impression” Problem So That Your Website Can Get Leads And Sales For Your Business
We Are Helping YOU To Have A Real Website For Your PRESENCE And Online Business. THIS IS FOR YOU, Regardless of Whether You Are Selling Services, Products, You Are An Influencer Or An Affiliate Marketer. "Everyone" Needs A Professional-Looking Website.

You definitely need this website to get approved when you want to advertising with top ad networks such as Facebook and Google and even with influencers to promote you. I mean, NO ONE would dare to endorse an amateur looking website. Furthermore, I don't think you even dare to show your neighbour - unless you have a proper website like mine.

This service will be offered for $1,297.

But today, because we're just launching, I'm going to give you more than 50% discount - your investment is only a minimal fee of $599 (if you are the next 15 clients). Yes, we build and design everything for you, up to 10 pages but you can have UNLIMITED PAGES* with our Mastermind Website Studio.

On top of that, I’m throwing these bonuses for free...


  • Illustration

    The Mastermind Website Studio – LIFETIME FREE

    You can be 100% newbie and perfectly okay. Here’s what I mean – once we have built and design for you, you’ll get our Mastermind Website Studio Software for lifetime FREE.
    Which means, you’ll be able to update your website on your own at any time and also, add more pages without any constraint. You can add many pages as you want! You can add as many pages as you want to promote your products or services. You can add as many pages as you want to capture leads.
    This is NOT one of those chunky Wordpress. This is a state-of-the-art software to help you manage your website easily, with UNLIMITED PAGES, including creating a page like what you're seeing here.

  • Illustration

    Heatmap Tracker Software – LIFETIME FREE

    Our “heatmap” software will allow you to track your visitors with real-time visitor recordings and optimize it to improve your website engagement and conversions.

    Basically, you get to see EXACTLY what each visitor does when they landed on your page. This means, you can even see when, where and why they leave the page and with this kind of intel, you would be able to improve any web page on the same day.

  • Illustration

    Website Hosting, Software Maintenance & Tech Support – 1 YEAR FREE

    You’ll automatically get 1 year of free hosting, software maintenance and also, our Mastermind Website Studio Software support. After 12 months, the hosting & support fee is only $126 $99/year. But if you do not want the website anymore, you are not obligated to continue.

Company picture

“This Is Too Good To Be True, There Must Be A Catch…”

I totally understand. I mean, who would want to build and design a marketing website for such an affordable investment of only $599.
Therefore, I think it’s just appropriate for me to disclose my intention:
My business plan is to make a profit from hosting fees and acquiring new customers. I’m willing to take the risk that you’ll continue 12 months later on. Of course, you can decide not to renew and that’s totally fine.
It only works out to be as little as about 8 bucks a month. I mean, if you don’t feel the website is helping you to build your brand, getting leads for you each month and directing sales for you, you can cancel your website next year.
But in my humble experience, you’ll likely to get MUCH MORE VALUE than 8 bucks from it – in fact, 12 months later on, the website would be even more valuable.
However, there’s one real catch – I can only serve 15 clients per month. And by next month, you may even be waiting in a queue and there’s no guarantee that the price will not go back to the normal $1,297.
I need to be highly "disruptive" to win new customers.
Thus, I need to be willing to do something that none of my competitors are prepared to do - this is why you are getting this unbelievable deal today.

Click the link below to secure your Done-For-You Mastermind Website now:

Please note that we haven't officially launched this service, but if you secure now, you'll be guaranteed a spot.
Once secured, we'll send you an email on the 22nd of November (or earlier) for the steps to get started of building and designing your branding website.

The website will take approximately 2 weeks to be completed, depending on the queue.

You will also get:

1. The Mastermind Website Studio – LIFETIME FREE
2. Heatmap Tracker Software – LIFETIME FREE
3. Hosting, Software Maintenance & Tech Support – 1 YEAR FREE

Remark: Your website will be build based on the structure and navigation of However, you'll noticed that I'm using an external blogging platform because I have my own blog for years and I do not want to lose the search engine ranking that it currently has. So if you have your own blog, you'll provide to us and we'll link it for you, but we will not be setting a Wordpress blog for your website.

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